T C Southwell Books

The Saga of Cyborg

In 2004 , my laptop crashed, and I sent it in for repairs. They installed a new hard drive, and I asked for the old one, just in case I had a problem with my backups. I had five backups of all my books on stiffy disks, but when I restored my book files, the backups for first half of The Cyber Chronicles book 4 – Cyborg – were all corrupt. Now, getting a file off a crashed hard drive is rather expensive and, being a penniless writer, I couldn’t afford it.

Then, in 2010 , a friend offered to do the deed. 500 hours of recovery later, I got the precious information off the hard drive I had been treasuring for six years as the only remaining repository of the missing file. Only to find that the computer company that repaired my laptop six years before had given me the wrong hard drive… I’m sure Mr Venter, whoever he is, has no use for the information I recovered. Needless to say, when I phoned the computer company and complained, they couldn’t help.

So, unfortunately, that meant I had to rewrite the first half of Cyborg, and, being the owner of a very bad memory, that proved extremely difficult after six years of forgetfulness. So, the rest of The Cyber Chronicles series could only be published after book 4 was once again complete, even though all the other books were finished. For a channeller, re-writing parts of an already channelled story is virtually impossible. Once the channel's written, it's gone forever. So if readers feel that Cyborg is a little less fleshed out than the other books, that is the reason for it. It was a mammoth struggle!

I lost that file once before, when my PC was stolen. I had to rewrite the first 50 pages of Cyborg back then, on my laptop. I also thought using my laptop would be safer, since I could carry with me for safekeeping - and then it crashed. Talk about Murphy’s Law!